For the last two years I had been working for the Millennium Elephant Foundation as a Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Designer. My busy role was to look after volunteers and provide projects for them to do around the foundation. As the in-house designer I collaborated with my Volunteer & Project Manager on all design tasks. Such as new outdoor signage, a new look museum, all Facebook posts, a new website, branded items for the gift shop, new look adoption packs and content for successful fundraising campaigns. Sadly I left MEF along with my Volunteer & Project Manager due to the fact that they were not going to stop elephant riding, plus a few other issues that I will happily disclose in private.

Places I have volunteered and worked for:

Lion Park

I came to South Africa in 2003 and 2004 and volunteered at the Lion Park in Gauteng, Johannesburg. My role was to clean the enclosures, feed the animals and help with various maintenance jobs around the park.

Vervet Monkey Foundation

I volunteered at 'Vervet Monkey Foundation' in Tzaneen, South Africa, helping to build new enclosures. I also helped look after new born monkeys, preparing food and providing behaviour study notes.

Millennium Elephant Foundation

I first came to MEF in 2006 for 6 months, again in 2009 for 2 months as a volunteer. In 2014 I returned to MEF to work as a Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media designer, designing all content. I left in 2016.

Dogstar Foundation

I have been involved with Dogstar Foundation since it began in 2006. I have designed all kinds of work via print and online via website and Facebook, as well as taking part in their dog/cat clinics around Sri Lanka