MEF Artwork

Millennium Elephant Foundation Work

In my role at the Millennium Elephant Foundation, I was put in charge of designing content for the foundation. First I wanted everything to be in just 4 colours, white, black, blue and purple, as used on the MEF logo. We had the foundation's buildings painted using only the brand colours. All content from signage outside right down to the small things such as the branded gifts in the community shop.

Below is a small showcase of the work I had designed for the Millennium Elephant Foundation.

Millennium Elephant Foundation Logo

The original logo was created by a volunteer 14+ years ago. The foundation wanted to keep this logo intact. Therefore all I did was slightly update the logo and created a copy in vector format. Logo was tweaked and sharpened to be more precise and suitable for larger print. Typeface was changed from Times New Roman to a more modern font using Century Gothic Bold. Font colour was also changed from black to purple (to be the same as the colour of the flower) to give it a lighter, fresher and balanced look.

Millennium Elephant Foundation Website

This website was created using a WordPress theme called Pinnacle. CSS was used to change typefaces and layout. Jotform was used to create the forms. This website was still a work in progress.

Museum Boards

Along with information provided by my Project & Volunteer Manager, I designed 24 museum boards to educate visitors about elephants in captivity, their history and their diet. The look of the museum board was based on an unfinished mock up by a previous coordinator. I decided to keep the style but made it less heavy.

Below are a few more of the museum boards that were designed.

Facebook Fan Page

Whilst in my role as a volunteer coordinator and designer. I also looked after the Facebook Fan page. I felt rather than just post pictures. I would post designed content that had MEF branded colours attached. Pictures are more interesting and engaging to read with captions. The content I had posted would be the 'Elephant Walk Experience', pictures of the elephants in the river. Places that MEF volunteers went to visit and of course 'Volunteer of the Week.

Elephant Walk Experience

This was a very exciting project to be involved with. My manager Tamsin Webb came up with this amazing program to eventually what we hoped would stop elephant riding. I came up with the name which was approved by Tamsin and created the overall brand look. We wanted the brand to be clean and straight to the point. Due to budget constraints, I did a lot of advertising on Facebook and Twitter, while my manager visited hotel chains and tourist establishments while providing posters and flyers I had designed.